Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit    #250

Girl Scout Council of the Colonial Coast -- Virginia Beach, VA          



The Adopt-A-Spot program encourages individual responsibility for our environment through scheduled litter pick ups.  Check the calendar below to see when your troop can help.  

In order to keep our Adopt-A-Spot location we are required to submit the clean up information monthly.  Please submit your clean up information using the form adjacent so we can keep our location. 


  • LOCATION:  The girls just walk around the building and the adjacent picnic area looking for liter. When working on the side where the parking lot is, the leaders should stand on the sidewalk  as a barrier for the girls not to run into the parking lot. Same for the street side.
  • USE BUDDY SYSTEM: Go over with the girls sticking with their buddy as they do the clean up.

A suggestion that works well is to bring plastic food store bags, have each girl hold onto one of the handles so the bag is in the middle and the girls are then hooked together. They can use their other hand to pick up trash.

  • BE WITHIN EYESIGHT AT ALL TIMES:  Remind the girls to make sure they can ALWAYS see one of the leaders. As leaders, keep doing a head count and watching them. It is best to do the parking lot side and the front together as a group and then the big side let them go off with a buddy as long as they are within eye sight of you. If they can not see you, you can not see them. 
  • WEAR GLOVES: Girls must wear gloves, the disposable ones are good (use a rubber band for younger girls to keep gloves on) and then you can throw them away with the trash.
  • BE CAREFUL: Tell them NOT to pick up glass or anything if they don't know what it is.

Mainly there are cigarette butts near the picnic benches, which are ok for them to
pick up with their gloves on.

  • COMPLETE REPORT CARD: Use the adjacent form to report the information the Service Unit needs after your cleanup.



An optional patch program is available to complete with your troop.  Download the patch requirements here.  Patches can be purchased for $1.50 each.  







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