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The Bronze Award is the third highest award in Girl Scouts of the USA. It was introduced by GSUSA in 2001, and can only be earned by Girl Scouts at the Junior level. The Bronze Award Project is a team effort by a group of Juniors, usually from a single troop. The project's objective must be to benefit the local community and/or benefit Girl Scouting as a whole in some way. Each scout is expected to contribute 20 hours to the project. The project is to be girl-led, but, unlike the Silver and Gold Awards, adults may be on-hand to assist and guide. 

If you know a Bronze Awardee, please complete the Awards Submission Form on our website and upload photos to the site. Alternatively, pictures and/or a brief explanation can be emailed to [email protected].

Award Submission Form

Troop 679 Bronze Award 2018

"Children's Garden" at All Saints' Episcopal Church

For their project, “Children’s Garden,” the girls created a garden complete with fruits, vegetables, herbs and other plants within the newly established “God’s Garden Path” at the church. Creating the garden helped the girls learn more about companion planting, the close planting of different plants that enhance each other’s growth or protect each other from pests. In addition, the garden provides a filter to slow and clean the water through the plants that are growing here. The girls also used their project as a teaching opportunity. They held a week-long summer camp at the church to educate kids on the watershed, run-off and other issues affecting our waterways. The garden will continue to provide educational opportunities year round to students at the day school and vacation Bible school in the summer.

Troop 185's Bronze Award 2018

Refurbishment of Civil War Gravesite

Troop 293 Bronze Award 2018

Helping Hope for Life Rescue