Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit    #250

Girl Scout Council of the Colonial Coast -- Virginia Beach, VA          


Below are the service unit team positions and the volunteer filling it. Position descriptions for Core Team Positions and Team Support Positions be found by clicking here. We are looking for caring ​dedicated volunteers, LIKE YOU, to fill some of these open positions! If you are interested, fill out the form on the left  and we’ll get you connected!  

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Core Team Positions

 Service Unit Director:  Susan Ramsland

Program Consultant


Service Unit Coordinator


Finance Coordinator

2020: Jennifer Rossetinni

PayPal Coordinator

2020: Erin Stick

Volunteer Coordinator


Recruitment Champion


Fall Product Chair

2020: Claire Costello

Cookie Sale Chair


Team Support Positions

Events Coordinator


Placement Coordinator


Outdoor Consultant


Adult Recognitions Coor.

2020: Amanda Howie

Individual Girl Coor.

2020: Linda Linke

Community Relations Coor.

2020: Karen Granneman

Church of the Holy Family: 

Eastern Shore Chapel: Kristen Whalen

Foundry United Methodist Church: Nicole Garrett

Francis Asbury United Methodist: Kristin Gregory

Kings Grant Presbyterian Church: Tia Friedman

Lynnhaven United Methodist Church: 

Wycliffe Presbyterian Church: Jennifer Espinosa

Alanton Elementary: Meghan Massie

Cox High School: 

First Colonial High School: Melissa Disher

Great Neck Middle School: 

John B Dey Elementary: Ann Sleigher

King's Grant Elementary: Martha Donoghue

Kingston Elementary: 

Linkhorn Park Elementary: Gloria Whitsel

Lynnhaven Middle School: 

Malibu Elementary: Michele Fenley

Trantwood Elemetary; 

Delegate Chair: Christine LeBlanc

Delegates :


Miscellaneous Support Positions

Adult Development Coordinator: 

Community Service Coordinator: Susan Breid

Cooresponding Secretary: 

Data Entry Administrator: 

Equipment Manager: 

Facebook Manager: Sandy Beall

Field Trip Consultant: 

First Aide & CPR Trainer: Lucy Fyfe

Girl Media Team: Becca Rose

Leader Meeting Team (Setup&Breakdown):


Outdoor Council Trainer: 

Patch Liaison: 

Patch Corner Girl: 

Photographer: Pat Dowd

Presidential Service Award Coordinator: Adriana Valverde

Sisterhood Coordinator: 
Silent Auction Manager: 

SU Bridging Coordinator: 
SU Hostesses: Gloria Whitsel, Susan & Stacy Breid

Website Assistant: Christine LeBlanc