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Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Deadline for 2018-2019 is March 31, 2019

Want to make sure your troop is recognized for all the Community Service contributions they have made this year? Want to help your volunteers realize how quickly those volunteer hours really add up? Both individuals and groups can earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. The award is based on age and total number of hours over a 12-month period. You must have your hours validated and your award requested through a Certifying Organization to receive the award. Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit 250 is a Certifying Organization. Your contact will be Adriana Valverde. We can approve you, your girls, and your troop to receive this award. See chart below for official award criteria. Additional FAQs are listed below the chart to help with questions you may have. You can also reach out directly to Adriana Valverde.

Award Criteria:





Kids (5-10)




Teens (11-15)




Young Adults (16-25)




Adults (25 and older)




Families and Groups*




President’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Individuals who have completed 4,000 or more hours in their lifetime

* Two or more people, with each member contributing at least 25 hours toward the total.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can only Girl Scout related community service be included?

No. Award recognizes ALL community service. This can be service through Girl Scouts, your church, your school, other civic organizations or service you do completely on your own. However, the award is given to a recipient one time every 12 months and hours should be submitted only once through one certifying organization. All activities must be unpaid and not include court-ordered community service.

  • What is considered community service?

For Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit, community service hours will be defined as time and services volunteers to help others in the community, outside of your own family. In other words, for troop leaders, this will include the time spent preparing for troop meetings, time running troop meetings, time spent at activities with the girls as the troop leader etc. For parents, it would include time they spend chaperoning girls OTHER THAN THEIR OWN children. If all parents attend an event with their child, then it is not community service, it is attendance. However, if only two adults take the entire troop on a trip, that is community service (for the adults) since their time is allowing the girls to enjoy an enrichment experience. For girls, it would include time spent mentoring your troops, organizing events for other scouts, as well as other community, school and church related service.

  • Is there a specific 12-month period the hours must be completed in?

No, however, for Lynnhaven Shores the deadline to submit hours for certification is will be March 31. This will allow enough time to receive the wards for presentation in June. For this reason, the 12-month period for the Lynnhaven Shores SU certification is April 1-March 31.

  • Who pays for the awards and how much do they cost?

The Service Unit will not cover any portion of the certificates and pins. Troops who wish to order these awards will be responsible for their costs. They can only be purchased through the Service Unit after certification of the hours has been completed. All payments for pin/certificates must be made to the Lynnhaven Shores SU no later than April 10th. Current costs are listed below and subject to change.

Individual Award (includes Personalize Certificate, pin and Presidential Letter)

Group Award (includes 1 Group Certificate, 1 pin, 1 Presidential Letter) $6.25

*Additional Certificates (includes 1 additional group certificate & 1 additional letter) $6.25

*Additional pins (includes 1 additional pin) $3.00

Lifetime Achievement $7.50

*Additional pins $4.00

  • Can someone receive more than one award?

Yes, and no. Each individual is eligible for only one award each 12-month period. However, individuals can also be part of a group that may also be recognized doe one award every 12 months. Look at the same troop below.

  • Troop 250

Jennifer 28 hours Bronze Group Award

Kimberly 15 hours (no award-hours cannot be included)

Lisa 32 hours Bronze Group Award

Virginia 55 hours Bronze Group Award AND Bronze Individual Award

Sally 20 hours (no award-hours cannot be included)

Nicole (adult) 270 hours Bronze Group Award AND Silver individual award

Marilyn (adult) 85 hours Bronze Group Award

As a troop, this group has completed a total of 505 community service hours. However, the total number of hours the group will receive as certified for the Ward is 470 hours Kimberley and Sally did not reach the 25 hour minimum to be included in the group award. The troop will receive one certificate for the bronze presidential award for troop 1234 for 470 hours, 1 true bronze presidential word pin and congratulatory letter from the president. Additional pins and suit difficult stop all with the troop name only can also be ordered up to the number of group members she qualified. Plus, Virginia qualified for the individual bronze presidential service award and eligible to receive her own certificate personalized with her name, pin, and letter from the president. Nicole qualified for the individual silver presidential award and is eligible to receive her own too difficult comet silver pin, and letter.

The lifetime presidential service award is awarded only one time regardless of the number of total hours accumulated. Once an individual has reached that 4000 hour mark, you lifetime award can be presented. Lifetime award these are still eligible to receive the yearly recognition once every 12 months.

  • How do I track my or my troop’s hours?

It is up to each troop leader with a method how to track your hours. Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit will provide a log that must be submitted at the end of the 12-month period.All hours submitted must be within a 12 month. Except for lifetime hours. All hours should not include any hours that were submitted from a previous year. Remember, all community service hours can be included even those not done with Girl Scouts. Be sure to talk with your girls and parents about that award. They may have additional service hours they would like to submit from other activities, clubs or organizations. For group/troop awards, please submit a separate log per person with the same information required for the individual awards. However, for group awards, the service hours should be limited to this service performed for that group specifically. In other words, in the example above, if Nicole had accumulated 200 hours as a troop leader but 70 hours were completed at the Foodbank through a program at her church, she will still receive the individual award for the 270 hours, but only 200 hours of her hours should be applied towards the Troop 250 group total. Since Troop 250 had nothing to do with her work at the food bank that would have made her total number of hours for Troop 250 as 400 instead of 470.

Download the Awards Log 

Email completed Awards Log here