Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit    #250

Girl Scout Council of the Colonial Coast -- Virginia Beach, VA          

Helping Needy at Christmas 

is WHY you should help.

Millions of children in America will go without Christmas stockings because their parents can't afford them. Financial and emotional stress dampen the Christmas cheer of families living in poverty. The Salvation Army brings happy

holidays to many through the Salvation Army Fill A Stocking Program.

Any Troop

is WHO can help.

The Salvation Army supplies the empty stockings to the Service Unit for distribution to participating troops.  Some troops take 2-3 or 10-12 stockings to fill as a troop while other troops have each girl fill 1 stocking individually.  Troops can make it a shopping outing to purchase the items with either troop funds or with each girl bringing her own money.

Fall Leader Meetings

is WHEN stockings will be picked up and dropped off

Pick up empty stockings at October 23rd Leaders Meeting.
Drop off filled stockings at the November 19th Leaders Meeting.
Watch for more information.


is HOW it's done

  • Pick up the stockings at the October 23rd Leaders Meeting
  • Stockings can be filled with: coloring books, crayons, card games, socks, hygiene products, hair accessories, jump ropes, small notebooks, etc. Do not include food or snack items. 
  • Choose gifts that are for the age and gender assigned and write in large letters BOY or GIRL and the age on the cardboard topper
  • Stockings will be handled multiple items. Help keep them intact by not over-stuffing them or attaching items to the outside. Also securely staple the cardboard topper. 
  • Drop them off at the November 19th Leaders Meeting

Fun Patches

are the BONUS you can get

Patches will be available for purchase at a cost of $2.50 each and must be pre-ordered when picking up the empty stockings. Patch orders due by November 19th at the November Leaders Meetings.